Where to play beach volleyball in Spain? Best places to go

14 November 2023by kontra

As a beach volleyball coach, I’m excited to share some top spots in Spain for beach volleyball enthusiasts. Spain, with its gorgeous weather and beautiful beaches, is a haven for beach volleyball players of all levels. Where to play beach volleyball in Spain?


Spain, with its beautiful beaches and sunny climate, is an ideal location for beach volleyball enthusiasts. Alicante, in particular, stands out as a prime destination for this sport. The city boasts miles of sandy beaches, perfect for setting up a volleyball net and enjoying a game.

The best time to play beach volleyball in Alicante is all year round, although it can get quite hot during the summer. San Juan beach in Alicante is easily accessible and offers not only areas for beach volleyball but also for other sports like tennis and mini soccer. After a day of volleyball, players can enjoy Alicante’s lively nightlife, which is especially vibrant on Friday and Saturday nights​​.

For those looking to improve their skills or simply indulge in their passion for beach volleyball, Kontra Beach offers specialized camps in Alicante. Our next camp is scheduled for April 9-16, 2024​​. Kontra Beach distinguishes itself by providing more focused training and less emphasis on non-volleyball activities.

These camps are suitable for all levels of players, from beginners to advanced, and feature intense training sessions led by experienced coaches.

The coaches at Kontra Beach are highly qualified, including top ex-players and national team players, ensuring personalized and effective training for every participant. The training program is tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of each player, with an emphasis on both theoretical and practical aspects of the sport​​.

Founded by beach volleyball enthusiasts, Kontra Beach’s primary goal is to share the knowledge and passion for beach volleyball and popularize this sport. Our offer is for players of all levels, from amateurs to professionals, focusing on high-quality training with top-notch coaches.

This commitment to quality and player development makes Kontra Beach an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their beach volleyball skills in a beautiful and supportive environment​.


Barcelona, with its passionate beach volleyball culture and fine sand, is another great choice. The city’s beaches, particularly Barceloneta, are popular spots for beach volleyball, attracting both locals and tourists. Barceloneta offers beach volleyball classes for those looking to learn the sport. Other notable beaches in Barcelona for volleyball include Playa Bogatell, Playa de la Nova Icària, Playa de la Mar Bella, and Playa de Llevant, each offering a unique atmosphere and additional amenities like sports centers and water sports​​​​​​​​​​.

Near Valencia – Sunsation Beach

Located just under an hour from Valencia, Sunsation Beach is a premium spot for beach volleyball. It features fine sandy beaches and courts where players from around the world, from beginners to professionals, gather for practices and tournaments. The beach’s atmosphere is enhanced by various restaurants, bars, shops, and vibrant nightlife, especially during weekends. Sunsation Beach is known for its smooth, flat sand and its resemblance to Santa Monica Beach’s palm-lined promenade, making it an ideal location for beach volleyball enthusiasts​​.

In conclusion, Spain offers a range of locations for beach volleyball, from the lively beaches of Alicante and Barcelona to the serene Sunsation Beach near Valencia. Each location provides a unique experience, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player. Remember, the key to enjoying beach volleyball is not just the location, but also the community and culture that comes with it. Embrace the opportunity to meet new people, improve your skills, and most importantly, have fun on the sandy courts of Spain.

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