Where to Play Beach Volleyball in Italy? Cervia, Rimini, Bibione and more…

27 November 2023by kontra

Italy, a country renowned for its rich history, exquisite cuisine, and stunning landscapes, is also a haven for beach volleyball enthusiasts. The country’s picturesque beaches and vibrant local sports culture make it an ideal destination for both amateur and professional players. In this guide, we will take you through the top spots for beach volleyball in Italy, including the renowned beach volleyball camp organized by Kontra Beach in Cervia.

1. Cervia: Home to Kontra Beach Volleyball Camp Cervia, a charming town on the Adriatic coast, is famous for its beautiful beaches. We as a Kontra Beach Volleyball Camp are planning our next camp there in 2024! This camp is a highlight for volleyball enthusiasts, offering professional coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and the chance to play against some of the best in the sport. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to improve their skills while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Italian Riviera.

2. Rimini: A Beach Volleyball Hub Rimini, another gem on the Adriatic coast, is known for its lively beaches and vibrant nightlife. The town’s long sandy beaches are perfect for setting up a volleyball net and diving into a game. With numerous tournaments and casual play, Rimini is a hub for beach volleyball activity, attracting players of all levels.

3. Catania: Volleyball with a View of Mount Etna On the island of Sicily, Catania offers a unique beach volleyball experience with the stunning backdrop of Mount Etna. The city’s beaches, like the popular La Playa, are frequented by both locals and tourists, creating a dynamic environment for beach volleyball, with the added thrill of playing near an active volcano.

4. Ostia: Rome’s Beach Volleyball Getaway Just a short drive from the capital, Ostia is Rome’s go-to beach destination. Its well-maintained beaches are a popular spot for beach volleyball, offering a perfect escape for those in the city. The combination of good facilities and a relaxed atmosphere makes Ostia a favorite among Roman volleyball players.

5. Bibione: Family-Friendly Volleyball Fun Bibione, located in the Veneto region, is known for its family-friendly beaches and clean, shallow waters. The beach here is wide and spacious, providing ample space for multiple volleyball courts. It’s an ideal destination for families and groups who want to combine a beach holiday with some fun volleyball action.

6. Viareggio: Tuscany’s Volleyball Gem The Tuscan town of Viareggio offers a more laid-back volleyball scene. Its beautiful beaches, lined with Art Nouveau buildings, create a picturesque setting for beach volleyball. The town is less crowded than some of Italy’s more famous beach destinations, offering a tranquil environment for a game of volleyball.

Italy’s diverse beach volleyball destinations offer something for every kind of player, whether you’re seeking professional training at Kontra Beach in Cervia or looking to enjoy a casual game on the sandy beaches of Rimini or Catania. These spots not only provide excellent volleyball facilities but also an opportunity to immerse in the Italian beach culture, savor local cuisine, and explore the scenic beauty of Italy’s coasts. Pack your volleyball gear and set off for an Italian beach volleyball adventure that combines sports, leisure, and cultural exploration in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries!

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