Terms and Conditions

of the online store Kontrabeach.com

General provisions

  1. This Regulation defines the general terms, rules, and method of sale conducted through the online store www.kontrabeach.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Online Store”).
  2. The online store is available on the website at: kontrabeach.com
  3. The online store is operated by: Kontra Association, registered at: Chełmska 9/40, 00-724 Warsaw, TAX ID: 5214019301, REGON: 52529585900000
  4. Contact with the seller is possible by phone at: +48-693-396-136 and by email at
  5. The store offers sports trips, participation in tournaments, and other sports events.

Order Placement

  1. Information contained on the Online Store Website does not constitute an offer by the Seller within the meaning of the Polish Civil Code, but merely an invitation for Customers to submit offers to conclude a Sales Agreement.
  2. The Customer may place orders in the Online Store via the Store’s Website 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  3. The selected product to be purchased must be added to the cart in the Store.
  4. Then the Buyer selects the method of delivery of the goods and the payment method for the order from the available options in the Store, and also provides the data necessary to fulfill the placed order.
  5. The order is placed at the moment of confirming its content and accepting the Regulations by the Buyer.
  6. Placing an order is tantamount to concluding a contract between the Buyer and the Seller.
  7. Immediately after placing the order, the store will send the customer an order confirmation to the email address provided by the customer.


  1. The prices on the Online Store Website listed for a given Product are gross prices and do not include information regarding the costs of Delivery and any other costs that the Customer will be obliged to bear in connection with the Sales Agreement, about which the Customer will be informed when choosing the method of Delivery and placing the order.
  2. Payment for the placed order can be made using one of the payment methods available at the checkout on the store’s website.


  1. The conclusion of the agreement takes place by the participant purchasing participation through the reservation system provided on the kontrabeach.com website and making a payment of a deposit or the entire price for participation in the camp.
  2. The conclusion of the agreement by the participant is tantamount to accepting its terms presented in the event offer.
  3. To conclude the agreement by the participant, it is necessary to accept the Store Regulations and Privacy Policy.
  4. The participant in the event is a participant who has entered into an agreement and/or other persons listed by them in the reservation system form. The participant has the right to transfer the rights and obligations arising from the agreement to another person and to change the data of the participating persons without changing their number, provided that the substitute persons meet all the requirements necessary to participate in the camp and are qualified for the trip by the organizer. In such a case, the participant undertakes to notify the organizer of this fact no later than 14 calendar days before the start of the event.
  5. In case of non-payment by the participant within the deadline for the remaining payment after prior payment of the deposit, the organizer charges the participant with fees according to the rules of calculating fees for resigning from participating in the camp described in point 3 of the Cancellation of Participation section.

Participant's Rights and Obligations

  1. The participant is financially responsible for damages caused to the organizer, other participants, hotels, apartments, carriers, and other third parties. The participant is financially responsible for damages to items belonging to these entities.
  2. The participant is financially responsible for damages caused during the camp by minors, their parents, or legal guardians.
  3. The participant has the right to the services guaranteed by the organizer’s agreement. The participant is entitled during the camp to use the professional assistance and care of the organizer’s representatives.
  4. By entering into the Agreement, the participant undertakes to:
  • comply with passport, customs, health, and other regulations of the country from which they are traveling and to which they are going. The participant covers all costs incurred as a result of non-compliance with these regulations;
  • have valid travel documents: passport or ID card, optionally a tourist visa; the obligation to have a valid travel document also applies to children – regardless of their age;
  • follow the instructions and recommendations of the organizer’s representatives/employees, necessary for the proper implementation of the concluded agreement;
  • comply with the provisions of the agreement regarding possible transport, especially to strictly adhere to the place and times of gatherings;
  • comply with internal regulations concerning, in particular, organizational and safety matters applicable to carriers, hotels, and other places where services covered by the agreement will be provided, as well as to comply with the instructions of the personnel of the aforementioned;
  • comply with customs and currency regulations applicable in the Republic of Poland and transit and destination countries;
  • pay all local fees at the place of stay (e.g., local taxes, tourist taxes, deposits, telephone charges in the hotel room, minibar use, etc.) – under the penalty of a claim by the organizer.

5. The traveler should always behave in a way that does not cause trouble for fellow travelers. Gross violation of the comfort of other participants or failure to comply with this regulation may result in the exclusion of the traveler by the organizer or its representative from further participation in the camp. In such cases, the traveler will organize transport home themselves and cover all associated costs and will not be entitled to a refund of the camp participation fee.
6. You acknowledge that Kontra Beach Volley may use for publicity purposes and without prior notification any photograph or video taken of the participant and any statement (whether written or oral) made by the participant.
7. On signing up for an event, the participant give permission for Kontra Beach Volley to share his/her name, email address and phone number with other group members, in order to organise the event. Kontra Beach Volley will hold no liability for the actions of the group members.

Cancellation of Participation

  1. Before the start of the event, the participant has the option to resign, i.e., withdraw from the agreement. The participant is obliged to send a declaration of resignation to the email address: .
  2. In the event of withdrawal from the agreement, the participant is obliged to pay the organizer a fee for withdrawal from the agreement collected by the organizer depending on when the withdrawal from the agreement occurred before the start of the event. The fee is collected regardless of the reasons for resignation.
  3. In the event of the participant’s resignation from the camp, the participant will be refunded the funds, reduced by:
  • in the case of resignation at least 60 days before the start of the camp – 10% of the full camp fee
  • in the case of resignation less than 60 days but more than 31 days before the start of the camp – 25% of the full camp fee
  • in the case of resignation less than 31 days but more than 14 days before the start of the camp – 50% of the full camp fee
  • in the case of resignation less than 14 days but more than 7 days before the start of the camp – 80% of the full camp fee
  • in the case of resignation less than 7 days before the start of the camp – 100% of the full camp fee

4. In the event of the participant not showing up at the camp location, no fees incurred for the camp will be refunded.
5. By the full camp fee, we mean a fee covering all services purchased by the participant.


  1. All event participants participate at their own risk. The obligation to ensure a health condition enabling safe participation in the camp and sports activities lies with the participant.
  2. By entering into the agreement, the participant declares that, to the best of their knowledge, they are capable of participating in the event, especially in sports activities.
  3. Considering the fact that sports involve the risk of injury and damage, the camp participant assumes the risk of injury and damage sustained during sports activities and declares that they will not make claims against the employees and representatives of the organizer for them.
  4. The camps do not include participant insurance. We suggest taking out such insurance on your own, e.g., accident insurance.

Withdrawal from a Distance Agreement

  1. The procedure for concluding an agreement through the reservation system is in line with the definition from art. 2 point 1 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights, i.e., these are distance contracts.
  2. In connection with the burden of art. 38 of the Consumer Rights Act, when concluding an Agreement for the provision of services in the scope of accommodation, other than for residential purposes, transportation of goods, car rental, catering, services related to events, sports or cultural events, if the Agreement specifies the day or period of service provision, the User is not entitled to withdraw from a distance Agreement as referred to in this Act.


  1. Complaints can be submitted via traditional mail, email, phone, using the data indicated in point 3 of the General Provisions Section of this Regulation.
  2. Complaints will be considered promptly, no later than 14 days after they are submitted.
  3. When submitting a complaint, the Customer should provide the following information:
  • Name and surname, contact details
  • information about the date of purchase and the order number – if available
  • description of the product defect, indicating when it occurred.
  • preferred method of handling the complaint, e.g., requesting a price reduction or repairing the item.

4. The Store is liable to the customer under art. 556 of the Polish Civil Code.
5. The customer has the right to complain about the goods based on the provisions on warranty or guarantee – if a guarantee has been provided.

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