Simple Drills for Beach Volleyball Newcomers

10 March 2024by kontra

Beach volleyball is a dynamic and exciting sport that requires agility, coordination, and teamwork. For newcomers to the sport, mastering the basics through simple drills can significantly enhance their playing skills. Here are some essential drills tailored for beginners:


Passing Drills: The foundation of beach volleyball lies in effective passing. Beginners should focus on drills that improve their ability to receive and control the ball. Drills like full-court cone passing, serve-receive passing, and 180-degree passing are excellent for developing these skills. These exercises help players learn to take quick steps, push the ball accurately, and react swiftly to incoming serves.

Setting Drills: Setting is crucial for setting up attacks. Beginners can practice wall setting, where they repeatedly set the ball against a wall to develop a feel for the ball and improve their hand positioning and control.

Hitting Drills: To improve attacking skills, beginners should practice hitting drills that focus on footwork, timing, and arm swing. Drills like ‘hit and chase’ where players hit the ball over the net and then quickly move to the other side to receive it, can be very beneficial.

Serving Drills: Consistent serving is key to putting the opposing team under pressure. Beginners can start with basic underhand serving and progress to overhand serving as they gain confidence. Target practice, where players aim for specific areas of the court, can improve accuracy.

Defensive Drills: Good defense is about anticipation and quick movement. Beginners can work on their defensive skills through drills like ‘shadow defense,’ where they mimic the movements of an attacker without a ball, and ‘digging drills’ focused on retrieving hard-hit balls.

Conditioning Drills: Beach volleyball is physically demanding, so conditioning drills are essential. Beginners should include exercises that improve endurance, agility, and strength, such as sprinting in the sand, jumping drills, and core strengthening exercises.

Game Simulation Drills: Finally, incorporating drills that simulate actual game scenarios can be very beneficial. This includes drills that combine passing, setting, and hitting in a sequence or drills that require players to communicate and strategize as they would in a real game.


By incorporating these simple exercises into your training routine, you can quickly improve your skills and enjoy the game. Practice, patience and perseverance are the keys to mastering the sport.

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