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Where to Play Beach Volleyball in Thailand?

Welcome to the vibrant world of beach volleyball in Thailand! This tropical paradise, known for its breathtaking beaches and friendly ambiance, stands as a premier destination for beach volleyball enthusiasts. From the seasoned pro to the casual beach-goer, Thailand’s diverse range of destinations offers an unparalleled beach volleyball experience. Dive into our comprehensive guide to...

Beach Volleyball Training in Warsaw

Beach volleyball enthusiasts in Warsaw have exciting options for both training and leisure. Kontra Beach Volley is a standout choice for year-round beach volleyball training. Founded by beach volleyball fans, Kontra is dedicated to sharing knowledge and passion for the sport. We cater to all skill levels, from complete beginners to professionals, emphasizing quality training...

Beach Volleyball Vacations with Kontra Beach

Are you dreaming of a vacation where you can spike, serve, and enjoy the sun on a beautiful beach? Kontra Beach is your ideal destination! Renowned for its dedication to the exhilarating sport of beach volleyball, Kontra Beach offers a unique blend of sports, relaxation, and fun. Why Choose Kontra Beach for Your Volleyball Vacation...

Glute Workouts for Volleyball Players

Glutes play crucial role in a volleyball player’s performance. Glute strength is not just about power; it’s about agility, speed, and the ability to execute quick, dynamic movements on the sand. Here are some key glute exercises tailored specifically for volleyball players: Good Mornings with Dumbbells: This exercise targets glute strength, hamstrings, and helps improve...

Serving Techniques in Beach Volleyball

As an experienced beach volleyball coach, I’ve seen firsthand how mastering advanced serving techniques can significantly elevate a player’s game. Serving is not just about putting the ball into play; it’s a strategic tool that can set the tone for the entire rally. In beach volleyball, where the environmental factors like wind, sun, and sand...

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