Alicante 2024

7 days of inense beach volleyball training and playing on huge San Juan Beach. Top coaching.
9th-16th of April 2024
from 750EUR per person
7 days - 12 sessions
all levels

Play beach volleyball on one of the finest beaches in Spain Alicante - april 2024

9-16 of April
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7 days of inense beach volleyball training and playing on huge San Juan Beach. Top coaching.

What's included

Price includes
  • 12 training sessions/ games
  • accomodation (7 nights)
  • beach volley lecture
  • Breakfast
  • courts with lights
  • free access to courts
  • meeting room
  • room cleaning
  • set of towels
  • swimming pool
  • welcome gifts
  • wi-fi
  • Yoga (2 sessions)
  • additional individual/team training
  • Alicante tour
  • HB (half board)
  • Kids Club
  • laundy service



Alicante is a well-known Spanish tourist destination with a population of approximately 330,000 inhabitants, located in the Valencia region. It is renowned for its long, wide, and well-maintained beaches, the bustling and charming city center, and Saint Barbara Castle, perched atop a mountain overlooking the historic town. Alicante is also a haven for sports enthusiasts, offering activities like beach volleyball, water sports, cycling, and free-climbing, among others.

We will stay in a hotel right next to San Juan beach in a quiet area of Alicante. This beautiful, pristine sandy beach stretches for an impressive 6.2 km and has an average width of 85 meters. A charming promenade lined with numerous cafes and bars runs alongside the beach.


We will stay and eat at the 3-star Castilla hotel, which is located 200 meters from the beach and 500 meters from the courts where we will be training. The hotel has an outdoor pool and a playground, and a grocery store, pharmacy, and laundry facilities are all nearby. Trams and buses stop right by the hotel. We will also have access to a meeting room for spending time together.

In 2023, the hotel underwent a major works, and all the rooms have been renovated. The hotel offers 2- and 3-person rooms, and cribs are available for infants. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and TV. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. Each room has its own balcony. For bigger families there are connected rooms avaliable. Please contact us if you are interested in accommodation options for family bigger than 2+1.

We will have breakfast at the hotel. Our group will have its own separate area with special sports breakfasts that are enriched with nutrients. In comparison to the standard hotel offering, our breakfasts will include hot dishes (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages) and vegetables.




We will have breakfast at the hotel. For lunches and dinners we invite you to a small, family-run restaurant right next to the hotel, managed by Ana and Nacho! They specialize in local cuisine, and the meals are generous and diverse. Both for lunch and dinner, you will receive a starter, a main course, dessert, salad, bread, and a drink (water, Coca-Cola, beer, wine). There will also be options for individuals with special diets and food allergies.

The half-board (HB) offer of the camp includes breakfast at the hotel and lunches at the restaurant. The full-board (FB) offer includes breakfast at the hotel, as well as lunches and dinners at the restaurant.

If you’re wondering which option to choose, FB will be the easiest and economical. If you want to fully concentrate on training FB is the way to go. However, if you want to explore local restaurants, we recommend the HB option or the option with breakfast only.


As some of you already know, training quality is our top priority. We welcome people of all skill levels. Training groups will be of 6 players (or 8 players for basic groups). We arrange the groups before the camp and make minor adjustments after the first sessions. Each group will have one court and one coach. Training units will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you have beach volleyball friends or a training group, we encourage you to sign up as a group or as a pair. If you are a solo traveler, we will place you in an appropriate training group. The courts will be free to use outside of training sessions, and some of the courts have lighting.

San Juan Beach is famous for its beach volleyball, so there will be many other players around us. This will be a great opportunity to play a game or tournament with people from outside the camp.

The training sessions will be conducted in English and through visual demonstrations!:) We will gradually reveal the camp coaches.


Solo travellers and beginners


Individuals, teams and complete or partial training groups, come to our camps. If you’re traveling alone and have any doubts about joining us, rest assured that we’ll find you a roommate for your accommodation and place you in a training group that matches your skill level (you’ll specify your level during the camp registration). Alternatively, you can opt for a single room. The beach volleyball community is known for its friendly, open-minded members, and if you come solo, you’ll leave with a bunch of new friends and a team for future camps!

Are you a complete beginner, worried about falling behind skill-wise? Don’t fret. We cater to individuals at every skill level, and many who once arrived at their first camp with no prior experience are now part of intermediate and advanced groups. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Our camps are suitable for both adults and minors (under parental supervision). Historically, we’ve had participants ranging from 15 to 60 years old, but we’re open to expanding these age ranges. So, if you’re concerned about not fitting in with the age group of other campers, there’s no need to worry.

Sport package

Would you like to participate in sports activities while organizing your own accommodation and meals? We have an offer for you!

As part of the Sports package, you will receive:

✅ 12 training sessions/games
✅ Workshops/lectures
✅ Unlimited access to the courts
✅ Starter kit
✅ Participation in yoga sessions
✅ Participation in group off-court activities

The price for such a package is: EUR 430.


Schedule and getting there


Definitely, the most convenient way of getting to Alicante is by plane. There are a lot of flights from across Europe. From Alicante airport to the hotel you can get by public transport in no more than an hour. The bus/tram stops very close to the hotel.

The camp begins on April 9th and concludes on April 16th. If someone wishes to arrive earlier or, for example, stay a few days longer, please contact the hotel directly tell them that you participate in the camp. The courts will also be available beyond the camp dates. We are planning a day off approximately in the middle of the camp.

April 9 – first day

* arrivals day/check-in
* training/game option
* dinner
* get-together evening

Regular camp day:
* breakfast
* training
* lunch
* training
* dinner

April 16 – last day

* breakfast
* training option
* check-out (late check should be avaliable)
* end of the camp… 🙁

For travel companions... and not only

Right next to the hotel, you’ll find the main attraction – the stunning San Juan Beach, which boasts a promenade extending over 6 kilometers!

Located just 1.5 kilometers from the hotel is a modern sports center (https://arenaalicante.com/). It offers an array of sports facilities, including two swimming pools, a SPA zone, gyms, a cycling area, boxing, tennis, and paddle courts, a football field, treadmills, and various other sports amenities. Moreover, there’s a children’s playroom available, providing you with some personal time.

Another exciting experience in Alicante is taking a tram ride. The tram line running along the northern coast offers scenic views of the sea and can transport you to several charming towns.

Travel companions will have the opportunity to participate in our yoga sessions with no extra cost.

On the free day, we recommend joining us for a tour of Alicante. First, under the guidance of local guides, we will explore the renowned market in Alicante. During the tour, you will have the chance to sample local delicacies and beverages! The refreshments will be so abundant that they will replace your lunch. Next, we will visit the Santa Barbara Castle, situated atop a hill in Alicante. There will also be some free time for souvenir shopping 🙂 We highly recommend participating in the excursion – it proved to be a great experience last year. The tour will last approximately 8 hours.


Kids Club


We will take care of children aged 3-8 during your training sessions and a bit longer! Specifically, for 8 hours each day. The planned childcare hours are from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM and from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM. The exact hours will depend on the training schedules. Your children will be looked after by an experienced individual with pedagogical qualifications. We have a variety of games and activities planned for the kids, including Spanish language learning, physical activities, and many other attractions! They will certainly not be bored, and you can train and rest peacefully. The children will be in a designated room in the hotel or on the hotel’s playground.

Please note that childcare services are available at an additional cost – please refer to our price list for details.

These are our coaches for the camp. We will keep presenting them gradually. But you can be sure we work only with experienced and good coaches

Javier Bosma

One of the most successful Spanish beach volleyball players. His biggest achievement is a silver medal in Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. He teamed up witk Pablo Herrera, who continues to compete on high level.

Javier is also a double silver medalist in European Championships in 1994 and 1999. He participated in a total of 3 Olympic Games. He was also Champion of Spain two times.

After he finished his career as a player he devoted himself to coaching. He is a former coach of Spanish National Team under 21. 

Raul Mesa
Raul Mesa

Raul is one of the best Spanish players, representing Spain for many years in all major events. In 2005 he won the gold medal in the European Championships in Moscow. He competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in China. In his career he teamed-up with players like Pablo Herrera and Javier Bosma. Raul still competes in Spanish top beach volleyball league.

Maciej Kaluza

Maciek is an active player, competing both in top level Polish tournaments and internationally. He has won many medals in Polish Championship tournaments, as well as silver and bronze medals in the Polish Cup Finals. He plays for Poland in World Tour tournaments.
As a coach he runs training sessions in Warsaw for players of all levels – from beginners to high-level athletes.

Kay Matysik

One of the most successful German beach volleyball players. Kay played for Germany for many years. He earned a bronze medal in the 2013 World Championships and was also a two-time European silver medalist. Following his career as a player, Kay transitioned into coaching, working with the German National Youth team as well as several world-class teams.

Christian Garcia

For many years, he played for the Spanish national team, winning medals in international competitions. He won the title of Spanish Champion three times. Currently, he leads his own Beach Volleyball Academy.

Julek Mituniewicz

Julian is a respected and well-liked coach, leading training sessions daily in Warsaw. He has also traveled to the USA, where he spent several months conducting training for American youth across the pond. As a player, Julek has participated multiple times in the Polish Championship competitions. On the court, he is known for his excellent technical skills, which he will also teach you!


For training people:

You want make it easy and safe money - go for FB
You want to explore local restaurant - go for HB or breakfast only.


Travel companions:

Sport Package: EUR 430
Sport package includes all training activities, yoga, beach volleyball lecture, welcome gift, and out of training group activities. You take care by yourself of accommodation and meals.


* children have to be included in the same dining option as parents
* if the baby is more than 1 year old (e.g. 1 year 3 months) it's considered as 2-12

Kids Club:
* first kid: EUR 180
* second kid: EUR 140
* third kid: EUR 100

Alicante tour on day off - takes around 8 hours (food market tour with guides with a lot of tasting, Santa Barbara castle visiting): EUR 30 + cost of buying tram ticke in Alicante - highly reccommend!


All enrollments should be done through the entry form. If you have any questions you can contact us by email, FB, or IG. All contact details you will find in the Contact tab.

Upon completion of the entry form, you will be asked to pay a deposit or total amount. Entries will not be processed unless both the entry form and the banking transfer have been received.

If you have some friends you usually play with, we recommend enrolling in the camp as a group/team as this will ensure a fairly equal level in the training group. However, if you are a solo traveler, we will put you in an adequate group.

See you at the camp!


The payment for the camp is done by banking transfer. All the details needed you will get after completing the subscription form. You can pay the total amount upfront or choose 2 installments.

Payment after subscription (total or deposit): 3 days after submission
Payment of the final amount (in 2 installments option): till Apr 9th, 2024

+48 693 396 136

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Alicante 2024

from 750EUR per person
7 days - 12 sessions
all levels

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