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27 November 2023by kontra

Beach volleyball enthusiasts in Warsaw have exciting options for both training and leisure. Kontra Beach Volley is a standout choice for year-round beach volleyball training. Founded by beach volleyball fans, Kontra is dedicated to sharing knowledge and passion for the sport.

We cater to all skill levels, from complete beginners to professionals, emphasizing quality training with top-notch coaches. Training sessions are available in various group sizes or individually, tailored to the group’s needs and capabilities, including corporate training options​​.

Additionally, Warsaw’s Vistula River beaches offer picturesque settings for beach volleyball and other activities.

The most popular beaches, recognized by people from Warsaw for their beauty, include:

  1. Poniatówka Beach: This beach is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and evening parties. Located under the Prince Józef Poniatowski Bridge near the PGE National Stadium, it’s a great spot for those looking to unwind​​.
  2. Rusałka Beach: Near Warsaw Zoo, this beach is ideal for sports enthusiasts and offers facilities for beach volleyball. It also features barbeque areas, beach clubs with ice-cream cocktails, and dance floors for evening entertainment​​.
  3. Saska Beach: Situated near Łazienkowski Bridge, this beach was once an island and is now part of the beautiful Saska Kępa district. It offers a tranquil environment with bonfire areas, kayaking opportunities, and a club café with various entertainment options​​.
  4. Monta Beach: At the entrance to Czerniakowski Port, this beach boasts 10 professional beach volleyball courts. The area also features a year-round sauna, boat rentals, and a range of activities including motorboating and dinghy sailing courses​​.
  5. Mini-Beaches on General Smith Patton Boulevard: These are centrally located along the boulevards, offering sun loungers, open-air exhibitions, and nearby dining options. This area is perfect for those looking to relax and enjoy the river views​​.

These beaches not only provide a scenic backdrop for beach volleyball but also a variety of recreational activities, making them ideal destinations for both sports enthusiasts and those seeking leisure by the Vistula River.

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