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Beach volleyball camps

Do you enjoy active vacations? Are you passionate about beach volleyball and do you want to ramp up your skills? Or do you just want to get to know this beautiful sport? Join us at one of our camps!

Beach volley camps - the concept

Kontra Beach Volley is a great opportunity to train and play beach volleyball, visit some beautiful beaches, meet new people and enjoy other activities including beach parties. During our camp we run intense training sessions with experienced, fully engaged coaches who care about your development. We offer beach volleyball camps for all levels of players. Even if you are a total beginner – don’t worry, just choose a suitable camp. During each camp we also run some theoretical and practical courses on everything you need know to become a better player. 

Beach volleyball camps - training program

Our priority on the camps is your development. We work only with the best and experienced coaches. Most of them are top ex-players or players who still compete on high level tournament. We have the pleasure to work with many national team players and olympians. Our coaches don’t follow a strict beach volleyball training program. They adapt the drills, session length and intensity to your needs and capabilities. On our beach volleyball camps we rely on our coaches experience. 

beach volleyball camps
beach volleyball camps

Kontra Beach Volley

Kontra was founded by beach volleyball freaks! Our goal is to share the knowledge and passion for beach volleyball and popularize this wonderful sport. We run beach volleyball camps and training for players of all levels – from complete amateurs to professionals. At Kontra, we focus on the quality of training – that’s why we only work with top-notch coaches.

Training in Warsaw

We offer beach volleyball training sessions in Warsaw all year long. Training is conducted in groups of various sizes or individually. We adjust each session intensity, duration and format to the group’s needs and capabilities . We also offer training for companies.

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